Condor a8

22000 دج

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Condor Allure A8 is only 8.15mm thick and weighs 150 grams. It has a 2.5-D full HD (High Definition) 5.5-inch display. Concerning software, the A8 embeds the Android Marshmallow 6 system, with an Octa-core processor (8 cores) 1.3Ghz MT6753. It has a 3 GB-RAM, an internal memory of 32 GB and expandable memory on SD cards up to 128 GB. It incorporates 2 cameras, an 8 MP(mega pixels) front camera fitted with a LED flash for clear Selfies, with a 5P lens and a second 13 MP camera with flash. Concerning connectivity, the Condor Allure A8 is equipped with Bluetooth system, GPS, Wi-Fi, is compatible with 3G/4G and has a USB 2.0 cable. It has a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device.

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